About Us

Objectives – Northwest Organics

  • Build a support Network for organic growers
    • Access to a group of people with expertise in a diverse range of subjects
    • A medium to communicate & exchange information (TBD)
    • Build a knowledge repository
  • Develop knowledge & skills through training and learning
    • Training courses on the fundamental skills (in progress)
    • More advance courses on specific subjects (soil, compost, permaculture, design)
    • Talks by individuals doing innovative things
  • Highlight & promote small craft businesses
    • A need for a flourishing indigenous economy especially in food, horticulture, agriculture
    • Viable BUT sustainable
    • Lifestyle businesses & small to medium enterprises
  • Promote & support environmental causes
    • Choose a number of initiative that are aligned with our thinking
    • Environmental protection, waste, recycling, sustainability